Streamyx BizFest 2017 4Mbps

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Streamyx BizFest 2017 4Mbps Streamyx Business TM Streamyx

Streamyx for BUSINESS

Free Tele Line Rental RM 45 Free Call Dect Phone Wireless Router Installation  
TM Streamyx Price Register Online
STREAMYX Soho Starter Pack 1MB RM 99 NIL NIL Apply Now
STREAMYX Business 1MB RM 198 NIL RM 88 Apply Now
STREAMYX Business 2MB RM 258 RM 228 RM 118 Apply Now
STREAMYX Business 4MB RM 268 RM 248 RM 118 Apply Now
STREAMYX Business 8MB RM 308 RM 268 RM 118 Apply Now
1. Contract 12 Months - Early termination TM will charge package price x Remain Months.
2. Beyond call rates 4sen/min Local, 10 sen/min Fixed to Fixed Lines, 15sen/min Fixed to Mobile Lines.


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